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World Champion Squirrel Cook off 2016
September 10th
Who We Are:

For the past 5 years the WCSCO has been the fastest growing, largest and most followed, wild game cook off in the world. Our event showcases wild game as a safe, sustainable and healthy food source. We bring together teams from across the country made up from Professional Chefs, camp cooks, BBQ teams, and home cooks all with the same goal to showcase the perfect wild game entrée and sides.
The World champion squirrel cook off also strives to promote hunter safety, conservation, and ethical hunting. Over the past years we have raised thousands of dollars for Veteran and Children based charities.
The intent of this event is to broaden brand awareness of all affiliated companies and organizations of the retail professional community of Bentonville and the World.  It is designed to attract and appeal to the tastemakers that take active rolls in setting the mold for rural and city unifications, the hottest trends in the culinary arts, and over all ingenuity within the city. The growth of the event is a product of the quality and community the event is held in. We promote sustainable, ethical, organic, and obtainable use of Wild Game as resource to be valued by all.
Target Groups & Demographic: 
80% Caucasian, 15% Hispanic, 5% African American, 5% Indian, 5% other
 $50k+ Annual Salary
  Ages Group of 10-80years of age
Professionals, Culinary arts, Bicyclist, outdoors, BBQ, youth, and Retail.
Event Overview:
Location: Bentonville Arkansas Historic Town Square

Date: September 10th 2016

Time: 7am—4pm
Expected Attendance: 5K—7K
This Day is planned to be a culinary affair. It will be promoted as a FREE to the public event for the nation’s large foodie and outdoors enthusiast.  This event will feature great music and live performances, public sampling, auction, raffle, outdoor educational events, event tee shirts, gift bags, and more!

The competition will be striving for the title of WORLD CHAMPION, and the judges will be in for the most unique dishes prepared by the finest competitors in the world.


The main incentive of our partnering sponsors is direct awareness and exposure to a target group of main stream America, along with showcasing our sponsors on the street where Walmart was founded and the home of the world’s largest retailer.
Branding is to include:
Logos/info on event flyers and invitations
Logos, website links, and images on email marketing and various ad campaigns with our media affiliates (
National media—Radio, Social, TV, and Paper
Promotion at Expos leading up to the event
Premium giveaways
Signage/POS within the venue

We are seeking monetary contributions of:
SILVER $500 – Booth at the event, logos and recognition on promotional materials.
GOLD $1500 – Access to be a Judge (1 spot per GOLD), 1 Booth at the event, signage within the venue, logos and recognition on all promotional materials.
PLATINUM $5000 – Exclusive 2 Judging spots,1 room at the 21c Hotel, dinner at the 21c for 4, Premium signage, major logos and recognition on all promotional materials and mentions in the media. Links from our website, 1 page on the website with write up on the relationship between sponsor and event.

We are also seeking in KIND donations of products, these products will be for raffle, auction, and event participation bags to the teams.
NUT CRACKER—products for raffle/teams bags-- donation up to $250.00 will receive banner near main stage. Publicity on radio, mention in media, and recognition during event.
GRAY Squirrel—Products for Raffle, team gifts, gift cards, merchandise $500.00. Will receive banner placement near stage, website promotion, and public announcement during the event. Media mention leading up to event.
BIG FOX SQUIRREL—this is for a major product donation to be raffled at the event and money raised will be donated (100%) to the charity beneficiary. This donation will be promoted up to event day on radio, TV, and social media. Banner on stage, special announcements, Booth at the event, dinner at the 21c restaurant. 1 year of promotion on the website, and
Contact Info:

If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsoring partners for this event or have any questions, please contact:

Joe Wilson

Cell: 479-866-4342

World Champion Squirrel cook off founder

President of SqU

1 Ardley Lane.

Bella Vista, Arkansas 72714



5th annual in 2016